About the Project

What is planned for 210 & 230 East 2nd?

GWL Realty Advisors is proposing to redevelop the northeast corner of East 2nd & St. Georges (210 and 230 East 2nd St.) in North Vancouver. The project will bring 160 new, high quality and professionally managed, secured market rental units to the Lower Lonsdale community, including more units for families and seniors.


Why are you redeveloping this site?

The City of North Vancouver has one of the lowest vacancy rates in Metro Vancouver (0.3 per cent in 2016). While 46 per cent of all households are renter households, the availability of rental housing is severely constrained. By replacing the 64 aging units in the two existing buildings with 160 new market rental units, this project will increase the diversity of housing stock in Lower Lonsdale. More than 35 per cent of units in this project will be 2- or 3-bedroom suites, which means more family-oriented housing for the neighbourhood.


Are you building condos or rentals?

The project is for 160 secured market rental units. GWLRA is a strong proponent of rental housing. We are committed to building and professionally managing multi-unit rental residential communities.


What are purpose-built rentals?

A purpose-built rental is a residential construction developed with multiple units built with the intent of each unit being rented out to tenants. Compared to condominium high-rises, these buildings are designed with a greater focus on the long-term operation, including increased energy conservation, quality of materials and specialized amenities, than found in other housing types. They also provide greater security of tenure to tenants than other forms of rental.


How many 2 and 3-bedroom units will the project have?

This project will include a minimum of 35 percent family-oriented 2- or 3-bedroom units. This project will increase the City’s current inventory of 3 bedroom apartments by 50%.


Will this be a luxury rental?

No, this will be a mid-market rental building, designed to appeal to people with a wide variety of housing needs, including families and seniors.

About the Process


What stage is the project at with the City?

GWL Realty Advisors submitted a rezoning application to the City of North Vancouver in the summer of 2017.


Is any rezoning required?

Our proposal will conform to existing City of North Vancouver policy, and will comply with height and density guidelines outlined in the Official Community Plan (OCP). In order to create the comprehensive density (CD) zone required for the project and allowed within the OCP, we have applied for rezoning.


Is this building the maximum density and height allowed within the OCP?

Yes, this project will comply with height and density guidelines outlined in the OCP.


Has the community been consulted/informed? Will there be any further public meetings or opportunities to express input about this project?

In September, we hosted a public information session where we provided information about the project to the community and gave attendees comment forms that would be submitted to the City.

The City of North Vancouver Planning Department is reviewing the developer’s rezoning application, which includes consideration of the public input received as well as a report to city council to which public comments are attached directly. The public will also have an opportunity to provide feedback at a public hearing in early 2018. The date has yet to be determined.


What is the construction timeline?

We anticipate commencing construction in summer 2018. Construction will take approximately two years.

About Tenant Care

How will GWLRA accommodate existing tenants?

We understand that residents of 210 and 230 East 2nd will be greatly affected by this project, and we are committed to doing all we can to support them in finding new homes in the neighbourhood. We are providing personalized and professional tenant support services that exceed City of North Vancouver requirements, including relocation support, financial compensation, and early notice and ongoing updates to our residents.